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Rice University – Jones School of Business

Design and development of a marketing email for the alumni and friends of Rice University’s Jones School of Business.

Blue Hills Community Center

Email invitation design, HTML development, and administration including send out.

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Wine Glass

SOTTWG is a new site for younger women who want to travel together, shop, and gab over a drink.

Responsive design principles used. Bootstrap for Twitter.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Glass

Jalapeno’s Brookside

When recreating a website for local restaurant Jalapeno’s in the Brookside area of Kansas City, we wanted to showcase a bright, simple brand for their loyal customers and newcomers. Mo’ hotta mo’ bettah!

University of Michigan Admissions

Given the task of developing a website for the admissions department at University of Michigan, we created a simplified dashboard for UMich site editors to add imagery, manage counselors and departments, and update content.